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Our trained stylists are here to offer you their extensive expertise and unwavering passion for creating attractive hair styles. Each service at Salon Exquisite will begin with a thorough consultation in order to help us match your personal style. Our number one goal is to have every client leave our salon feeling beautiful and radiant.Every service we provide starts with an essential step: the consultation. Here we will discuss the services we will be providing, at home care, styling habits, as well as all your wants and needs for hair care. During your consultation, we want to you to be very open about what you expect from us. We welcome photos to illustrate styles that you prefer and even dislike! We will offer you our professional opinion with regards to your desired look. By the end of your consultation, together you and your stylist will be able to unveil the perfect style!To help us serve you best, we recommend all of our clients pre-book their services at least six weeks in advanced. Although we love to be busy, we will not shorten any scheduled service to accommodate other appointments. This helps us ensure every client is offered the same amount of attention and care. Please feel free to book your future services in advance at the end of your appointment.



Why we choose Goldwell…

When it came to choosing a color line, there was no question or doubt. Much like the team at Salon Exquisite, Goldwell has a passion to take color results to the next level. Known around the globe for there amazing hair color, Goldwell’s line creates eye catching color that also leaves the hair shiny and healthy. Let us give you a stunning color your friends will envy! Come see one of our Goldwell certified stylists today!




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