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Lily is a graduate of  Paul Mitchell the School  Rhode Island, where she was selected to be in the Advanced Program.  She is a Worcester native and graduated with honors from Doherty Memorial High School as part of the Engineering/Technology Academy.  Lily’s hair cutting experience includes a diverse array of clients and hair types. She particularly enjoys short hairstyles and precision cuts.

As a makeup artist at Salon Exquisite and previously of Sephora, Lily brings her certified talent to our clients for weddings and proms.

1. What would you consider your strengths in your career to be?

My strengths in my career are cutting and makeup.


2. What are you most passionate about professionally?


I am most passionate about men’s cuts professionally.


3. What are you most passionate about personally?


I am most passionate about my family and friends personally.


4. Why did you aspire to become a cosmetologist?


I aspired to become a cosmetologist because I love helping others express themselves through art and style.


5. Use three words to describe your personal style.


Three words to describe my personal style are trendy, cute and classic.


6. What are three words the other Exquisite Stylists would use to describe your personality?


Three words the other Exquisite Stylists would use to describe my personality are friendly, hardworking and quirky.


7. What do you love about Salon Exquisite?


My favorite thing about Salon Exquisite is our team! I love working with coworkers that are friends as well.  It is always a professional but comfortable environment to work in


8. Name a few of your hobbies other than turning heads.


Some of my hobbies other than turning heads include listening to new music, shopping, cooking, and travelling.


9. What problems do you consistently solve for your clients?


Two problems I am constantly solving for my clients are simplifying at home styling with an effortless haircut and finding the perfect base shade to ease the regrowth process.


10. What are you complimented on most in your work?


I am complimented the most on my short haircuts and my smokey eye makeup applications.


11. Why do you think Salon Exquisite is so unique?


Salon Exquisite is so unique because we have multiple loyalty reward programs that are conveniently tracked and uploaded right to your personal account! It makes your time with us fun and rewarding with many discounts, rewards and a chance to win at every visit!


12. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?


I would be a scarlet color. I am daring, warm, passionate.








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