Salon Exquisite offers 100% human hair extensions in over eighty different colors and three different techniques. We customize each application based on a complimentary consultation. Choose from individual keratin bonded extensions, strip bonded extensions, or clip in extensions. Schedule a free consultation to see how you can change the way you look and achieve the style you’ve always dreamed of. Whether your goal is length, fullness, or just a splash of color, we can create the look you desire. One of our extension certified stylists will create your dream hair within no time.


Owner, Ashley Johnson, has been working with So. Cap Human Hair Extensions since the beginning of her career. She has always been fascinated with the wonderful transformation extensions can provide. Whether her clients are craving thickness or they want to skip the awkward stage of letting their own hair grow, Ashley can customize a complete extension regimen to meet anyone’s needs. She specializes in color matching and precision cutting that will create a beautiful, full,  natural head of hair. 


At Salon Exquisite, a consultation is required to schedule any extension service that involves putting in more than one piece. Scheduling for extensions is recommended at least 30 days prior to the requested appointment time. Final deposits are required a minimum of two weeks prior to your extension appointment.





Hair extensions can be ordered in multiples of 10 only. 


Add $1.00 per cut for micro bonds. 


10 pieces of Straight Hair $120


 50 pieces of Straight Hair $600


100 pieces of Straight Hair $1200


10 pieces of Wavy Hair $130


 50 pieces of Wavy Hair $650


100 pieces of Wavy Hair $1300


10 pieces of Curly Hair $140


 50 pieces of Curly Hair $700


100 pieces of Curly Hair $1400


10 pieces of XL Hair $160


 50 pieces of XL Hair $800


100 pieces of XL Hair $1600



Extension Maintenance (every 4-6 weeks) 


10 - 30 pieces $45.00 


40 - 60 pieces $55.00 


70 - 100 pieces $65.00**


110 - 140 pieces $75.00**


150 - 200 pieces $100.00**


**Price includes a wash and blowout only. Curls will be an additional $15.00 


Extension Removal $25.00/15 minutes 



Color and extensions .HEIC
Extensions before and after by Ashley.jpg
Extensions before and after by Ashley(2).jpg
Extensions before and after by Ashley(1).jpg
Transformation by Ashley - Post in order from finished cut to before long hair..heic